Boundless Horizons released for open alpha!
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Author:  DukeOfURL [ Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:42 am ]
Post subject:  Boundless Horizons released for open alpha!

Boundless Horizons has now been released to the public for an open alpha test. Go here to download and provide feedback.

Author:  Tyndmyr [ Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Boundless Horizons released for open alpha!

Crossposted for visability from Gitp.

The phb needs an index.

The healing domain only has "i" in the 4th level spell slot. Im not sure what this means.

Additionally, it's not clear what exactly the following means: "You may heal a touched subject a number of hit points equal to your class feature level." Is this a subset of the channel ability? What sort of action is this? What defines class feature it equivalent to my class level, or something else?

You have no skill outline for UMD.

The bard section is really long. 9 pages or some such. This is awkward in the middle of the class section.

The feats needs a table at the beginning.

Nowhere does it actually say when you gain additional feats after first level.

The overlap of the multiclass feat and favored class seems odd. I don't see a reason for the additional mechanic. I guess it might be relevant if someone wanted to make a half-orc mystic theurge, but cmon...they're going to suck horribly already. The last thing they need is a feat tax.

Author:  Ravyn [ Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Boundless Horizons released for open alpha!

Class Feature Level is on p. 4 of the Character Creation and Advancement pdf, left hand column, near the bottom, as part of the explanation of multiclassing. The short version is that your Class Feature level is the sum of your level in that class and half of your levels from racial hit dice, bloodlines, other base classes, and some (where applicable) prestige classes, not to exceed a total of twice your class level. (For instance, a Cleric 6 Rogue 2 would have Class Feature Levels of Cleric 7 Rogue 4).

The i means we missed a spell. I'll bring that up with Duke tonight.

I can see where the formatting tripped you up. The healing is a second Channel Faith ability, rather like the Knowledge domain allows for both Turning Aberrations and adding Charisma modifier to Knowledge checks. As noted in the Domain Abilities section of the Cleric class listing (Base classes p. 13, starting on the bottom of the left-hand column), all Channel Faith domain abilities take a standard action and require a divine focus.

Actually, there is a place where it says when Feats are gained. Character advancement, Page 3, right-hand column, under Select Feats. (Though that should probably specify the level in question as Character Level; I'll bring that up with Duke as well.)

Regarding the multiclassing feat, we talked long and hard about that one when the Class Feature Level mechanic was first created. Part of the objective was to keep people from multiclassing their hearts out at early levels without a limiting factor; a Level 3 character with one level in each of three different classes is going to have Class Feature Levels of two in all of those classes. That solution does make things somewhat awkward for our poor half-orc Mystic Theurge (though on the plus side, due to Class Feature Level rules he can get there for his eighth character level if he goes Cler/Wiz rather than his 11th, and will have the class features of a [Spellcasting Class 1] 5 [Spellcasting Class 2] 5 Mystic Theurge 1 at that point.)

I'll bug Duke about the formatting and contents. Thank you for your input!

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