The Rules
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Author:  SweetRein [ Wed Nov 21, 2007 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  The Rules

To better keep a more organized and friendly community, a few rules have been put into place.
The rules are divided into the punishments that follow with them.

The following will cause the issuing an immediate IP ban:
  • The direct posting, such as by the use of the image tags, of nude material. This includes both pornographic material and artistic material that is revealing of genitalia or breasts. Linking to such material rather than posting it that is artistic in form only, with a note of caution, may be permitted. Linking to pornographic material, however, will still issue a ban.
  • If one would be temporarily banned a second time, they shall be issued a permanent IP ban instead.
  • Advertising within first forum post.

The following will cause the issuing a temporary account ban:
  • Blatant advertising that, in no way, contributes to the post. Or starting a topic for the sole purpose of advertising. This does not include topics whose sole purpose is to find cheaper version of a given product. This is subject to a IP ban if it is within a user's first post.
  • Linking to pirated material or software.
  • Ten warnings.

The following will cause the issue of a warning or multiple warnings:
(The number of warnings issued is based on the severity of the post in question.)
  • Excessive harassing, flaming, or attacking another poster. Attacking a user for their personal beliefs or life in a racist, sexist, religious, or political manner may cause a temporary ban instead of warnings.
  • Excessive use of the arena tags (using it more than in a single post) or use of it outside the Arena forums.
  • Trolling, the act of posting a topic for the purpose of drawing flaming.
  • Completely incoherent posts with no purpose other than to be incoherent, such as use of '133t speak'.
  • Posting immediately after yourself in the same topic. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however: If your topic goes unanswered for more than 36 hours or if you are posting a series of work that requires more than a single post.
  • Reviving a thread that is in excess of 45 days since the last post. An exception to this applies to topics in the homebrew section, of which the original author may update.

The following may cause an informal warning, or a friendly "don't do that". Repeated offenses may cause warnings.
  • Oversized signatures, signatures that exceed 500x200 in size.
  • Profanity.
  • Display an image (as with the img tags) that exceeds 1.5 MB in file size or exceeds 800x600 in size.
  • Excessive use of the dice roller in a topic of which it contributes nothing to.
  • Offtopic posts or posting new topics or material in the wrong section.

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